4 thoughts on “Reduce Your Taxes and Build a Retirement Fund with SRS Account

  1. Victoria Phan says:

    Been reading about SRS on popular finance sites like Singsaver, Seedly, etc. This article from Planner Bee breaks it down the best, especially for a finance noob like me. Thanks for the great explanation Cherie!

  2. Frederick Chen says:

    Cherie, this is the best SRS investment article I have seen to date and I do get it now why I should invest in SRS funds. I have read multiple articles on SRS in December the past few years and none of the articles convinced me to invest in SRS. For a person with a higher risk appetite like me, there are options such as Lion Global Infinity US 500 Stock Index which gives 11% annualized return in the past 10 years, better than the CPF interest rate.

    • Cherie Wang says:

      Hi Frederick, thank you for the best compliment we can get. Glad you’ve managed to get great returns on your money so far. Hope more people can learn from such experience and start earlier.

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