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Are you a Cheap Thrills Lover, a Life-loving Strategist, or a Carefree Investor? Discover your dominant money traits, gain valuable insights into your financial habits, and unleash your full wealth potential.

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About Our Money Personality Quiz

Ready to discover your unique financial personality? The Planner Bee money personality quiz will let you know where your money mojo lies. We’ll ask you some simple questions that will reveal whether you’re a Cheap Thrills Lover, a Life-Loving Strategist, or something between. Get ready for a fun way to learn more about yourself and get some tips on how to work with, not against, your nature.

Planner Bee’s 6 Key

Money Personalities

Cheap Thrills Lover

You value life’s adventures and can’t resist a deal. You seek to balance a future of experiences with building a base to fund them.

Carefree Investor

You know a thing or two about investing, and are unafraid of taking calculated risks. You embrace new experiences while keeping an eye on your portfolio.

Life-loving Strategist

You go with what feels right to you. You seek a stable future with room for the occasional treat.

Freedom Junkie

Carpe diem, as they say. You know how to seize the moment, embracing life’s ups and downs, risks and rewards.

Cautious Investor

Your ability to weigh your risk allows you to embrace opportunities as they come, as you get to taste financial gains and the fruit of your investments.

Cautious Strategist

With a well-structured attitude to life, you meticulously organise your goals and priorities, ensuring a stable foundation for the future.

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