CHAS Card: Who Gets What and How To Use It in Singapore

The Community Health Assist Scheme (CHAS) is a government initiative in Singapore that provides subsidised healthcare services such as medical and dental treatments at participating clinics to eligible citizens.

To maximise the benefits of your household’s CHAS card, we have to first understand how it works.

CHAS eligibility and benefits

CHAS GreenCHAS OrangeCHAS Blue
Eligibility – Household Monthly Income Per PersonAbove S$2,000S$1,201 – S$2,000S$1,200 and below
Annual Value of HomeAbove S$25,000S$21,001 – S$25,000S$21,000 and below
Common Illness SubsidiesNAUp to S$10 subsidy per visitUp to S$18.50 subsidy per visit
Selected Dental ServicesNAS$50 – S$170.50 subsidy per eligible procedureS$11 – S$256.50 subsidy per eligible procedure
Screen for Life Health Screening$5 for eligible SingaporeansS$2 for eligible SingaporeansS$2 for eligible Singaporeans

CHAS Blue:

  • Meant for those with monthly per capita household income of S$1,200 or less, or individuals receiving public assistance.
  • Subsidies for common illnesses and selected chronic conditions, including subsidised consultations and medications.
  • Additional subsidies for specific chronic disease management, such as diabetes and hypertension.
  • Subsidised dental services for selected procedures.

CHAS Orange:

  • Monthly per capita household income to be between S$1,201 and S$2,000.
  • Similar subsidies and benefits as CHAS Blue, with slightly lower subsidy rates.

CHAS Green:

  • Monthly per capita household income to be above S$2,000.
  • No subsidised dental services.

Understanding the specific benefits offered by each tier is crucial for you to maximise your usage. You may check the CHAS website for the most up-to-date information on eligibility criteria and benefits.

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Find participating CHAS clinics

Now that you’re aware of the possible benefits and subsidies, you’ll need to find out where you can make use of them. CHAS benefits can be used at participating clinics across Singapore. To find registered clinics, visit the CHAS website or use the “CHAS Clinic Locator” tool.

Finding a CHAS clinic near you will help you save time, and pay subsidised rates for your consultation.

Get subsidised treatments for your mental health

Mental health issues like anxiety, depression, bipolar disorder and schizophrenia, are classified under chronic diseases. With a CHAS card, you will be able to tap on subsidies for treatments of mental disorders. Similar to other chronic conditions, you can get the following subsidies:

CHAS SubsidiesCHAS GreenCHAS OrangeCHAS Blue
Selected Chronic Conditions
SimpleUp to S$28 per visit, capped at S$112 per yearUp to S$50 per visit, capped at S$200 per yearUp to S$80 per visit, capped at S$320 per year
ComplexUp to S$40 per visit, capped at S$160 per yearUp to S$80 per visit, capped at S$320 per yearUp toS $125 per visit, capped at S$500 per year

You’ll be able to claim these subsidies at selected CHAS clinics, and get the treatment you need as an alternative to specialist doctors. Do note that as mental health treatments may not be available at all GP clinics, you can check in with the CHAS hotline at 1800-ASK-CHAS to find the nearest provider of mental health services.

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Regular dental check-ups

Dental care can be expensive, but CHAS cardholders can enjoy subsidised rates for selected dental procedures. Take advantage of this benefit by scheduling regular dental check-ups and cleanings for your family.

The table below shows the dental services that are subsidised based on the different coloured CHAS cards:

CHAS GreenCHAS OrangeCHAS Blue
Dental ServicesNot Applicable• Removable Denture
• Denture Reline/Repair
• Permanent Crown
• Re-cementation
• Root Canal Treatment
• Extraction
• Filling
• Removable Denture
• Denture Reline/Repair
• Permanent Crown
• Re-cementation
• Root Canal Treatment
• Polishing
• Scaling
• Topical fluoride
• X-Ray

Ensure that your chosen dental clinic is registered under the CHAS scheme to benefit from subsidised rates.

Compare CHAS participating clinics

Different CHAS clinics may charge different consultation fees and offer varying levels of subsidies. For the budget conscious, it is good to take the time to compare fees and services offered by multiple CHAS clinics in your area.

For example, in Serangoon North,  Union Medical Clinic has a doctor’s consultation fee of S$23-S$28. Situated at another block, Family Healthcare Clinic charges S$35 for doctor’s consultation.

As there is a cap to the amount of subsidies you can get from your CHAS card, it is wise to do a quick comparison of rates to ensure that you do not have to pay more than you can afford for a visit to the GP.

Stay informed about CHAS updates

CHAS benefits and participating clinics may change over time. To stay updated, regularly visit the official CHAS website or subscribe to their newsletter for the latest information. By staying informed, you can take advantage of new benefits and initiatives rolled out by the Ministry of Health.

Making use of your CHAS card in Singapore

The CHAS card is a valuable tool that helps Singapore citizens manage their healthcare costs. By understanding the eligibility criteria, benefits, and participating clinics, you can maximise the value of your CHAS card for your household.

Regular check-ups, preventive care, and informed decision-making are key to optimising your CHAS benefits. In order to enjoy your CHAS benefits, remember to bring your NRIC and CHAS card, and present them when registering at the relevant participating clinics.

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