A Marie Kondo-Inspired Guide to Saving Money

Home tidying guru Marie Kondo has practically become synonymous with decluttering and minimalism, thanks to her successful books, and her popular Netflix special.

The “KonMarie” method that she advocates essentially asks that people examine their belongings to sift out what really belongs in their lives. In her TV show, she asks her guests to hold up items in their house, and consider if they “spark joy”.

Those that do should stay, and those that don’t shouldn’t clutter up the house.

We think this principle is also applicable to why we don’t save more money. When you put an item into your cart (IRL or at the store), ask yourself if you need it.

For example, if it’s a new skirt or pair of earrings, think about what you plan to wear it with. Do you already have something similar at home that fits the same look? If you do, you’ll probably not use the new item, even if you buy it.

Decluttering also means you’re more likely to know what you have at home. If you can’t find the item you need, you might end up buying another of the same thing the next time you’re out. That’s why you have 20 blue pens scattered across various drawers in the house.

Leading a minimalist lifestyle will help you save money and time. Besides needing less things in life, you’ll also spend less time deciding which of your five pairs of brown shoes to wear in the morning.

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