Your Complete Guide To Travel Insurance Claims

Before going into the different travel claim types, it’s important to make clear that if the need arises for you to make a travel claim, there are some standard documents you must get ready for claim submission including:

  • Flight itinerary
  • Passport entry stamps or Boarding passes
  • Relevant supporting documents depending on the type of travel claim

In any emergency cases, there will be a 24/7 hotline number you can call from the insurance company that you purchased your travel insurance from if you’re in doubt. This number can be found on their website or in your policy documents.

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Common Travel Claim Types

Overseas and Singapore Medical Expenses

In the event that you are injured or suffered an illness during a trip overseas, you can seek medical attention and file a claim to the insurance company once you are back in Singapore. If you still need follow-up medical attention after returning to Singapore, most plans will cover medical bills up to 30 days from the return date.

If there was no medical attention sought during the overseas trip, you will need to seek medical attention in Singapore within a specific time frame indicated in the policy, usually 72 hours.

Thereafter, you will have up to 30 days from the return date for follow-up medical claims if required.

Travel Cancellation / Postponement

If you need to cancel or postpone your overseas trip due to one of the reasons covered by your insurance, you can file a claim on the unused travel fare, accommodation charges and deposits paid if you cannot get any refunds from the providers. If additional expenses are incurred to postpone and reschedule your overseas trip, this is also claimable.

One of the covered reasons can be that you suffered a serious illness or injury and you can get a written confirmation of the nature of the serious illness or injury from a doctor.

Baggage Delay

In the event that your baggage is temporarily lost or misconnected to another plane and not returned to you within 6 hours after you arrived at the baggage pick-up point, you will be compensated for every 6 hours of delay.

To qualify for compensation, you will need to obtain a written confirmation from the airline stating the reason and length of the delay.

Baggage Damage

During the journey of your overseas trip outside Singapore, if there is accidental loss or damage to your baggage, personal belongings, clothing worn or carried by you, laptop and mobile device, these are covered but there will be limits imposed on how much you can claim.

To qualify for compensation, you will need to obtain written confirmation from the relevant parties as proof or denial of any compensation.

For example, if the luggage was damaged after arriving at your destination, you will need to report it to the airline operator first and obtain written confirmation as proof for your insurance provider. You will also need to take pictures to show the extent of the damage to the luggage.


When there is theft, robbery or burglary arising out of your overseas trip outside Singapore, you can claim the loss of the cash and belongings stolen. A police report must be made with the local police within 24 hours of the incident.

To qualify for compensation, any written confirmation documents from the police must be included with the claim submission.

Flight Delay / Flight Diversion / Overbooked Flight / Missed Travel Connection

In situations where you have deviated from your original flight itinerary due to delay, diversion, overbooking or missed travel connection by the airline, you can claim compensation if the duration of this inconvenience is more than 6 hours. However, the inconvenience caused must be one of the covered reasons as stated in the terms & conditions of the travel insurance.

Examples of the covered reasons can be poor weather conditions, mechanical failure of the aircraft or natural disasters.

To qualify for compensation, you will need to obtain written confirmation from the airline which states the cause and length of the delay.

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Less Common Travel Claim Types Good to Know About

Travel Curtailment

This will arise in the event that you will need to shorten your trip and come back to Singapore. For example, one of your family members (immediate family) passed away and you need to return to Singapore as soon as possible.

To qualify for such compensation on any amounts that cannot be recovered from the providers and reasonable additional travel expenses incurred to come back to Singapore earlier than planned, the following supporting documents are required:

  1. Death certificate of the deceased family member
  2. Tax invoices of the additional travel expenses
  3. Written confirmation from the providers that the unused amount is not refundable

There are other covered reasons under travel curtailment and the supporting documents may vary. Refer to the specific terms & conditions of your travel insurance to find out more.

Personal Liability

During your journey outside Singapore, if you are made legally responsible for paying compensation for accidents that result in the death or injury of any other person or loss of or damage to property belonging to other people, you are covered under Personal Liability benefit in your travel insurance.

You are advised to get in touch with the travel insurance company to find out what needs to be obtained and gathered for use in the claim submission.

Rental Vehicle Excess

Many of us may want to self-drive on our holiday trips overseas and we will likely rent a car to do so. The rental company will have insurance coverage included as part of the rental package. Should there be an accidental loss or damage to the rental car and you are made legally responsible for the excess amount to be paid before the rest of the costs will be covered by the rental car’s insurance, you can submit for compensation with your travel insurance if the Rental Vehicle Excess benefit is included.

To qualify for compensation, you will need to obtain written confirmation from the rental company on the claim against you.

Adventurous Activities Cover

Some of us may be adventurous and will want to explore thrilling activities during our holiday trips overseas. It will be good to check with your intended travel insurance company to find out if they cover the activities you are planning to do and if there are any restrictions or limits if they do provide the coverage. This is because we can claim accidental death or injury because of taking part in the covered activities for leisure and non-competitive purposes.

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Other Tips

Annual Travel Insurance

If you are someone who travels very frequently in a year, you may want to consider getting yourself annual travel insurance as this will even cover your weekend trip to Johor Bahru. In this way, you will no longer need to remember if you get yourself covered before a trip.

Pre-Existing Conditions

Generally, most travel insurance plans do not cover pre-existing conditions. However, you may find a couple of insurance companies that can provide coverage in this area. This is important to take note and if this is of your concern, you will need to find one that covers pre-existing conditions.

Travel insurance has become an essential part of a holiday plan. While we spend many hours and money to plan a nice and enjoyable holiday for ourselves and our loved ones, the last thing we want is that we are caught in a situation whereby we suffer financial and physical losses without any form of protection we can rely on.

Please remember never to travel out of Singapore regardless if it is for business or leisure without a travel insurance plan in place.

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