Update on Syncing DBS to Planner Bee

Updated 19 March 2021: We are still able to sync with DBS for the time being! Our technology vendor, Salt Edge, will continue the connection support while we maintain conversation with DBS.

Hi everyone,

We will stop providing automatic syncing with DBS Bank starting 19th March 2021 for the time being.

This was a hard decision to make, but after lengthy discussions with our technology provider Salt Edge, we decided to halt the feature, because DBS had changed some of its policies on allowing third party apps to sync with it. They have also provided no alternative for us to continue to provide the services.

All the other 30 banks we support (UOB, OCBC, Standard Chartered, Citi, etc) are unaffected. 

Though MAS has initiated SGFinDex which allows Singaporeans to retrieve their personal financial information from the participating banks including DBS, we have been informed that this function is not approved for use by non-financial institutions at this point. 

Source: Open banking regulation around the world, BBVA

Due to the short notice, we are unable to provide an alternative immediately. While our team has already begun testing an alternative solution, your current synced data will be kept in the app unless you delete the bank linkage via the Planner Bee app.

Please write in to cherie@plannerbee.co to let us know your thoughts about this. Hopefully, with a louder voice we can move forward faster.

With you,

Cherie and the Planner Bee team

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