Rent What You Wear: What Is Clothing Rental and Where To Try It Out in Singapore

Fashion has always been dynamic, with trends coming and going. For many of us, deciding on what to wear on special events is a perennial headache. Owning a collection of attire devoted to these occasions was considered the norm, but in this age of eco-awakening where consumers are driving sustainability, habits, preferences and patterns have changed. With the rise of clothing rental services, how people make choices when it comes to fashion is no longer the same. 

In this article, we will explore the concept of clothing rental, the pros and cons associated with it, and introduce you to some notable clothing rental companies in town.

What is clothing rental?  

Clothing rental is a modern solution to the age-old dilemma of finding the right outfit for the right occasion. Instead of shelling out big amounts of money for expensive attire that may only be worn once or twice, individuals now have the option to rent clothing for specific events. 

This concept has gained popularity in recent years due to its sustainable nature, cost-effectiveness, and the ever-growing desire for variety in fashion. 

Clothing rental services offer an extensive selection of attire, from elegant evening gowns and tuxedos to trendy casual wear. These garments are typically of high quality and from well-known designers, allowing renters to access luxury fashion without footing a big sum for it.

Pros of renting clothes


Renting clothes is often more affordable than buying. It allows you to wear what could be a costly piece of clothing at a fraction of the cost of owning it.


Clothing rental services offer a wide range of styles, colours, and sizes, ensuring that you have access to the latest trends and can experiment with your style for every special occasion.


Renting clothes reduces the demand for fast fashion and contributes to a more sustainable fashion industry by reducing clothing waste and the environmental impact of production.

No storage hassles

Owning a collection of special occasion attire can take up valuable closet space. Renting eliminates the need for storage and the risk of your outfits going out of style.


Clothing rental services often provide easy online ordering and home delivery, saving you time and effort compared to traditional shopping.

Cons of renting clothes 

Limited ownership

When you rent, you don’t have the satisfaction of owning the garments you wear. Some people find this lack of permanence unsatisfying.

Sizing and fit

While clothing rental companies do their best to provide accurate sizing information, the fit may not always be perfect. Alterations are usually not allowed or can incur additional costs.

Risk of damage

Accidents happen, and rented clothing is not safe from spills or snags. You may be responsible for covering the cost of repairs or replacement.


Popular items may be in high demand, making it challenging to secure your desired outfit for a specific date or event.

How do I rent clothes in Singapore? 

Now that we’ve explored the pros and cons of clothing rental, let’s introduce you to some notable clothing rental companies in town that offer a range of options for special occasions.

1. Style Lease

Source: Style Lease

If you’re looking for designer brands, Style Lease offers dresses and gowns from over 50 designers, including brands such as Lexi, Solance London and Milla Nova. From proms, red carpet to black tie events, there is bound to be something to suit your style. 

Simply schedule a fitting appointment to test out a garment, rent it, and opt for pickup or delivery. Returning items is also a breeze, as you can conveniently drop them off at the showroom or arrange for a hassle-free return delivery.

Price: Rental prices start at S$100 for four days. The rental period can also be extended, perfect for those overseas destination celebrations. 

2. Style Theory

Source: Style Theory

With a large inventory of outfits, Style Theory has over 50,000 garments for you to choose from. From work wear, party dresses, winter wear, to clothes for mums-to-be, Style Theory boasts apparel from over 200 designers worldwide. With designers from the US, London, Paris, Australia, Hong Kong, South Korea, Romania, Turkiye, and even Singapore, you can select from brands such as Minor Miracles, Yui Kim, Finders Keepers and Talulah. 

Price: The pricing begins at S$79 for a monthly subscription, granting you the flexibility to rent anywhere from three to four items per session. That comes up to between six and 12 items each month, depending on your selected plan. 

What’s particularly appealing is that if you find an outfit you fancy, you’re welcome to hold onto it for as long as you desire, allowing it to seamlessly carry over into the next month’s subscription. Returning items is equally convenient since you can easily exchange your current selections for fresh ones as they become available.

3. Rentadella

Source: Rentadella

Take your pick from over 2,500 outfits from brands including Likely, Bronx & Banco, Rebecca Vallance, Eliya The Label, Adrianna Papell, Nookie and Rebel, and more. With every new fashion season, expect new stocks to arrive. For the curvy ladies, Rentadella carries sizes up to UK20, so there is surely something for everyone. 

Price: The rental cost for an outfit ranges from S$69 to S$499 for a four-day period. However, should you require an extended rental duration, dresses are available for up to 16 days.

4. Luxe Wardrobe

Source: Luxe Wardrobe

Although Luxe Wardrobe features a somewhat more compact collection of approximately 250 dresses, their selection is meticulously curated. The boutique predominantly sources dresses from the US and Australia, boasting one of the most extensive La Divine by Cinderella Divine and Andrea & Leo collections in Singapore. Furthermore, they continuously refresh their inventory with new outfits on a quarterly basis.

Price: The rental rates range from S$189 to S$589 for a four-day period, and should you wish to extend, there is an additional fee of S$10 per extra day. It is worth noting that these rates do not cover any delivery charges associated with dropping off or picking up your chosen outfit.

5. Love, Fioyo

Source: Love, Fioyo

Love, Fioyo offers a diverse range of clothing options. Whether you’re seeking jumpsuits for a chic office ensemble or denim jackets to elevate your style, you’ll discover a wide range of choices. Their collection is thoughtfully categorised by occasion, making it easy to find the perfect dress for a gala, a glamorous party, or a romantic evening. 

Additionally, they also feature convertible dresses that effortlessly transition from a blushing bridesmaid look to a dazzling diva in under a minute. These rental dresses are available for a minimum of four days, and if you develop a deep attachment to them, there’s even an option to purchase.

Price: Try-on prices start from S$80 for 3 gowns, or S$130 for 5 gowns. For rental prices, contact them for more information. 

To rent or not to rent?

The choice between renting and owning clothing that are meant for special occasions ultimately depends on your lifestyle, preferences, and values. Renting clothes can be a sustainable, cost-effective, and convenient option that allows you to stay fashionable and reduce your environmental footprint. 

On the other hand, owning clothing provides a sense of permanence and control over your wardrobe. By exploring the pros and cons and considering rental options from the different companies, you can make fashion choices that align with your needs and desires, ensuring you’re dressed to impress for every special occasion.

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