Loan Deferment Schemes by Singapore Banks

covid-19 deferment


Updated 10th May 2020

To help individuals in Singapore tide over the current difficult period arising from the COVID-19 outbreak, the banks have launched the following relief measures. Here’s an overview of the relief measures for residential property loans, motor loans and education loans.

Defer repayments for residential property loans

More information:

DBS home loan deferment

CIMB home loan deferment

Maybank home loan deferment

OCBC home loan deferment

UOB home loan deferment


Defer repayments for motor loans

More information:

OCBC motor loan deferment

UOB motor loan deferment

Standard chartered motor loan deferment


Defer repayments for study loans

More information:

OCBC student loan deferment

UOB study loan deferment

Standard chartered motor loan deferment

You should keep in mind that deferring payments, sometimes with an extension on your loan tenor means that you will be paying more interest in total. Therefore, it is better not to defer repayments if you do not need to do so.

We hope this has been helpful, and while we try to be as accurate as possible, the above is for information purposes only and should not be construed as any specific advice or offer or solicitation, please refer to the individual banks for more information.

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