Back-to-Office Money-Saving Tips

With the significant easing of restrictions and more people being allowed to return to the office, going back poses a new challenge — in the current climate of economic uncertainty, how do you tighten your purse strings and save up for a rainy day?

Fret not, here are some back-to-work money-saving tips.

Bring your own lunch

Eating out in Singapore can be costly. If you’re in the habit of cooking at home (Circuit Breaker chef anyone?), or constantly have leftovers, why not pack your own lunch to the office? This can result in cost savings, especially if you work at the CBD.

Plus, you get to skip the insane lunch queues and enjoy your food in the comfort of your air-conditioned office!

Switch to kopi instead of your usual cafe brew

It’s time to wake up and smell the coffee. Ever thought of how much your daily caffeine habit is costing you? If the thought of starting your day without coffee is anxiety-inducing, curb your spending habits by switching to kopi from your local coffee shop instead of that fancy cafe’s barista brew.

Here’s how much you can save by switching:

Type of coffeeAverage cost per cupCost per month (30 cups)Cost per year (360 cups)
Kopi from the coffee shop$1.50$45$540
Latte from the nearby cafe$5.50$165$1,980

In a year, you get to save a whopping $1,440 just by changing your cup of joe.

Follow Telegram channels for the best deals

Want the best deals but are too lazy to search for them? Subscribe to some Telegram channels, such as KiasuFoodies or SG Food Deals to stay abreast of dining promotions and deals across the island.

You can also get handy personal finance tips on Telegram by following Planner Bee!

Make use of e-wallets

Stay safe and reduce the risk of viral transmissions by handling cash, with cashless payments increasingly gaining adoption by restaurants and hawker stalls alike. Depending on your choice of e-wallet, you may even manage to snag some savings!

For instance, Google Pay allows you to pay merchants in-store and order ahead at your favourite restaurants, even offering cashback for a limited period. Other apps such as Fave offer good beauty, retail, dining deals and more — purchasing a deal often comes with rebates to your FavePay wallet, which you can then use for your next meal. Super handy!

Keep a lookout for one-for-one deals

Hone your bargain-hunting skills and be on the lookout for dining deals so you can indulge at a steal. Some credit cards, such as the HSBC Advance Credit Card lets you enjoy perks on top of your purchases. This one also comes with a complimentary Entertainer app with a myriad of dining, entertainment, leisure and wellness offers.

If you own a MasterCard, you can also trawl through the OneDinesFree site for the best 1-for-1 dining deals.

To stay in the loop for good deals, sign up for mailing lists from your favourite merchants so you never miss one.

Save on delivery services

Constantly ordering delivery? Try getting a colleague onboard your delivery subscription plan and share the costs! Paying a flat delivery fee makes saving a little easier, with options like Grab and Deliveroo Plus to choose from.

Other e-commerce platforms such as Shopee also offer discounted prices on foodpanda, Grabfood or Deliveroo in different denominations. For example, if you’re making an order of $10 on foodpanda, why not put in a little extra effort by purchasing a $10 foodpanda voucher on Shopee at $8.80? That would have saved you $1.20 — which you can use for your next kopi.

Fun fact: Did you know that all it takes is $27.40 in miscellaneous spending every day to blow $10,000 in a year? Every expenditure you make may seem insignificant, but amounts to a hefty sum.

Track your expenses and plan for a better tomorrow with Planner Bee!

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