8 MediShield Life Myths Debunked

Did you know that if you’re a Singapore citizen or permanent resident, you’re covered under MediShield Life?

The lifelong health insurance scheme helps to pay for expensive hospital bills and select costly outpatient treatments, but it can be confusing.

We debunk some common myths so you can understand MediShield Life better.

1. MediShield Life alone provides enough coverage

To decide whether the scheme’s coverage is enough for your needs, it’s best to look at how much MediShield Life covers you. Here’s the breakdown:

Inpatient Treatment
Daily ward and treatment charges
Normal wardS$800/day
Intensive Care Unit (ICU) wardS$2,200/day
Community hospitalS$430/day
Surgical proceduresS$240 – S$2,600
Outpatient Treatment
Chemotherapy for cancerS$3,000/month
Radiotherapy (Brachytherapy)S$500/session
Radiotherapy (superficial or external)S$300/session
Maximum Claim Limits
Per policy yearS$150,000
Maximum coverage ageNo maximum age
LifetimeNo limit
Claimable Amount
S$0 – S$3,00010%
S$3,001 – S$5,00010%
S$5,001 – S$10,0005%
Outpatient treatments10%

If a Class B2 or C ward in a public hospital fits your needs, then Medishield Life may be enough for you. But if you prefer a better ward class in a public hospital, or a private hospital entirely, you should consider an Integrated Shield plan for extra coverage.

Compare the Integrated Shield plans available in the market for one that suits your needs.

2. I can’t use MediShield Life if I live overseas but visit Singapore often

If you’re a Singaporean living outside the country with no intention to return permanently, you can apply for the suspension of MediShield Life premium collection if you meet the Ministry of Health’s eligibility criteria. Any outstanding premiums owed before your suspension period kicks in must still be paid.

The suspension will last as long as you continue to meet the criteria, or until you move back to Singapore for good. If that happens, you’ll have to pay the accumulated unpaid premiums, along with compound interest. Additional premiums for medical conditions you may develop during the suspension will not incur extra charges.

If you seek medical treatment in Singapore during the premium suspension, you can choose to still claim from MediShield Life. However, once a claim is made, the suspension of MediShield Life premium collection will cease and you will have to pay the outstanding premiums with compound interest (4% p.a. at point of publish).

Source: MOH

3. MediShield Life will expire, like other insurance policies

Unlike certain insurance plans that expire when you are 70 or 80 years old, MediShield Life covers you for as long as you live.

4. I can opt out of MediShield Life

Unlike the MediShield scheme, MediShield Life is compulsory — you can’t opt out. You’ll remain insured and receive protection throughout your life.

5. I have to pay my MediShield Life premium manually

No, you don’t. A portion of your wages goes into your MediSave account, from which a sum is used every year to pay your MediShield Life premium.

6. I need to apply for MediShield Life for my newborn

Babies who are Singapore citizens will automatically be covered by MediShield Life from birth, including those with neonatal and congenital conditions. You can find out more here.

7. If I have an Integrated Shield plan, I don’t have to pay MediShield Life premiums

An Integrated Shield plan consists of two components — MediShield Life, and additional private health insurance for extra coverage. The premiums you pay for your Integrated Shield plan cover what you have to pay for MediShield Life.

8. Since I have MediShield Life, I can cancel my existing private hospitalisation plan

Before you do that, check with your financial advisor if your plan works in tandem with MediShield Life.

If you’ve already purchased one of these products, you would have an IP:

  • Singlife Shield
  • AIA HealthShield Gold Max
  • Great Eastern SupremeHealth
  • Prudential PruShield
  • Income IncomeShield

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We hope you now understand MediShield Life better. Whether the scheme alone is enough for you, or you want an Integrated Shield plan, contact us if you have any questions at ask@plannerbee.co so we can help you make an informed decision.

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