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What Should Condo Owners Know About Their Duties, and the Maintenance and Management of Their Property?

Condominiums are managed differently from other residential properties. Here’s how the Building Maintenance and Strata Management Act affects how they are run, and what that means for owners.

The Year of the Tiger: Will the Property Market Soar or Fall In 2022?

Whether you believe in Chinese astrology and the Zodiac system or not, in the essence of fun and insightful exploration, we examined the previous Tiger years (2010, 1998) to understand how the economy and the housing market performed.  

What Happens to an HDB Flat When the 99-Year Lease Is Up?

Housing in SIngapore can be a complex and challenging issue due to the rising population and limited land available. As a general policy, leasehold land will be returned to the State upon lease expiry, to allow it to be rejuvenated for the new social and economic needs of Singaporeans.