How does the app work?


How syncing works

How to sync accounts?
  1. Tap the “+” button at the bottom on navigation bar
  2. Tap on “Banks” to sync banks
  3. Tap on “Insurance” to sync with insurers
  4. Tap on “Investment” to sync with investment platforms
  5. Pick the provider you wish to connect with

We made a video to show you how the syncing process looks like.

What information is needed to sync accounts?

You will need to have an existing login ID and password to your financial portal. 

If you do not have one or forgot your credentials, register or reset your password before you try to sync with Planner Bee.

If the account is secured by 2FA login methods, you will need to perform the authentication during the sync process.

Which bank connections are supported?


  • American Express
  • Bank of China (BOC)
  • CIMB
  • DBS
  • DBS IDEAL Business
  • HSBC
  • OCBC
  • OCBC Velocity Business
  • Standard Chartered
  • UOB


  • HSBC
  • Maybank

Hong Kong

  • American Express
  • Bank of China (BOC)
  • DBS
  • HSBC
  • HSBC Business
  • Hang Seng
  • Standard Chartered


  • BCA Bank
  • Bank Mandiri
  • Danamon
  • PT. Bank Rakyat


  • Bangkok Bank
  • Kasikornbank
  • Krungsri
  • TMB


  • BIDV
Which insurance connections are supported?



Which Investment connections are supported?


  • Autowealth
  • Aviva Navigator
  • Endowus
  • Fundsupermart
  • Syfe
  • TD Ameritrade
How to change the category of bank transactions?
  1. Tap on the individual bank transaction
  2. Tap “select category
  3. Select the new category you want to change it to
How to add information to bank transactions policies or investment trades?
  1. Go to “Insurance Account” screen
  2. Click on the individual policy
  3. Click on the “pen” icon to edit
  4. Click on “notes“, the last field
  5. Input additional data

Frequently asked questions

Am I exposing my account to hackers?

All data is read-only, and we do not save your login IDs or passwords. We cannot move money in or out of your account and we cannot make changes to your insurance policies too.

Planner Bee operates on a one-time, read-only access and simply downloads the transactions on your behalf. For some banks, a new One-Time Password is sent to you every time you login for security reasons. Upon successful login, the latest data will be securely retrieved.

Where does Planner Bee store financial data?

All Financial data is stored and securely encrypted in the cloud and Amazon’s data centres.

Why are my transactions in the wrong categories?

We are constantly updating our engine to improve the categorisation of the transactions. You can also manually re-categorise transactions by clicking on the individual transaction. As you rename the categories, our system will learn the pattern to serve you better.

Why does it take so long to sync?

Salt Edge integrates and coordinates with your various banking institutions via a number of methods. As a result, there are various complex tasks that Salt Edge has to perform. This is done securely and through a highly encrypted process.

Who is Salt Edge?

Salt Edge as one of the technology partners for our syncing feature. Salt Edge uses asymmetric cryptography so that private keys are on different servers. Salt Edge is also PCI DSS compliant. Its interface is embedded into the Planner Bee App, so when you enter your bank credentials, you are keying it directly into that interface and not into the Planner Bee App or any of Planner Bee’s platforms. These credentials are sent only to Salt Edge and the Salt Edge service will establish a connection for your account and return the data to Planner Bee for visualization. For more information, please refer to Salt Edge’s Privacy Policy.

I get error messages while trying to sync my accounts

First verify if you have used the wrong credentials. You may try by logging into your online bank or insurance account on the provider’s site to verify that you have the right credentials. Then try again via Planner Bee. As part of our journey to improve the functions to serve you better, our friendly customer service agents can help speed things up. Please send a screenshot of the error to our email and we will get it fixed.

Possible reasons for such errors:

  • You tried to resync with another account within the same provider. You will not be able to do so with the same Planner Bee account. Only one account per provider can be linked with each account.
  • User ID and passwords are case sensitive, please check and use right case format.
Why are my recent transactions missing?

When you make a purchase with your credit or debit card, transactions are not finalised immediately. Many merchant finalise the charges daily, but some do it less frequently. This lag time is what they call settlement period.

You might see the transaction on your ibanking system but these transactions will not be retrieved by Planner Bee. Only finalised transactions are retrieved.

I'm getting an invalid credentials alert when I connect to OCBC Singapore, but im sure the credentials work on OCBC directly.

If you are using the default access code from OCBC, change that on the OCBC site and try to sync on Planner Bee again with the new access code.

What do the two passwords on the HSBC login page refer to?

To sync to your HSBC account on Planner Bee, the only option is their dual-password method. We currently do not support log in with security device or mobile security key.


  • Key in your login user ID
  • Key in your Memorable Answer and Password


  • Key in your login user ID
  • Key in your Password
What do the two passwords on Hang Seng Bank login page refer to?

To sync your Hang Seng account on Planner Bee, we use their dual-password method. All Hang Seng users have 2 passwords: the First Password and the Second Password. Simply enter both passwords in full in our app.