How does the app work?


How syncing works

  1. Go to home tab
  2. Tap on “Insurance” to sync with insurers
  3. Tap on “Investment” to sync with investment platforms
  4. Pick the provider you wish to connect with

We made a video to show you how the syncing process looks like.

You will need to have an existing login ID and password to your financial portal. 

If you do not have one or forgot your credentials, register or reset your password before you try to sync with Planner Bee.

If the account is secured by 2FA login methods, you will need to perform the authentication during the sync process.


  • Autowealth
  • Aviva Navigator
  • Endowus
  • Syfe
  1. Tap on the individual bank transaction
  2. Tap “select category
  3. Select the new category you want to change it to
  1. Go to “Insurance Account” screen
  2. Click on the individual policy
  3. Click on the “pen” icon to edit
  4. Click on “notes“, the last field
  5. Input additional data

Frequently asked questions

All data is read-only, and we do not save your login IDs or passwords. We cannot move money in or out of your account and we cannot make changes to your insurance policies too.

Planner Bee operates on a one-time, read-only access and simply downloads the transactions on your behalf. For some banks, a new One-Time Password is sent to you every time you login for security reasons. Upon successful login, the latest data will be securely retrieved.

All Financial data is stored and securely encrypted in the cloud and Amazon’s data centres.

There are various complex tasks that the system has to perform to retrieve and categorise your data. This is done securely and through a highly encrypted process. Hence the time taken can vary depending on the amount of information being processed on both ends.

First verify if you have used the wrong credentials. You may try by logging into your online bank or insurance account on the provider’s site to verify that you have the right credentials. Then try again via Planner Bee. As part of our journey to improve the functions to serve you better, our friendly customer service agents can help speed things up. Please send a screenshot of the error to our email and we will get it fixed.

Possible reasons for such errors:

  • You tried to resync with another account within the same provider. You will not be able to do so with the same Planner Bee account. Only one account per provider can be linked with each account.
  • User ID and passwords are case sensitive, please check and use right case format.