Syfe is a digital wealth manager licensed by the Monetary Authority of Singapore. Syfe offers fully-managed investment portfolios.




Operating since 2019


  • Founder & CEO: Dhruv Arora
  • Head of portfolio construction and risk management: Richard Yeh
  • Head of investment advisory: Ritesh Ganeriwal
  • Head of distribution: Sebastian Sieber


Privately held, venture capital backed.


July 2019 – Unbound, a UK-based investment firm that led Syfe’s S$5.2 million seed round.

September 2020 – Valar Ventures, a fintech-focused investment firm that led Syfe’s  $25.2 million (USD $18.6 million) Series A round.


Syfe Pte. Ltd. is regulated by the Monetary Authority of Singapore (MAS). Licensed under the Capital Markets Services (“CMS”) License (CMS License No: CMS100837) for retail fund management.



Call: +65-3138-1215

Visit: 10th Floor, UIC Building, 5 Shenton Way, Singapore 068808

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Products and investment methodology

Global ARI 

  • For investing across a blend of equities, bonds and gold ETFs.
  • Global ARI portfolios focus on downside risk protection.
  • Uses  proprietary Automated Risk-managed Investment (ARI) engine ensures that the portfolio’s risk stays in line with an investor’s chosen risk level, no matter what market conditions are.
  • 11 portfolio types for each risk profile


  • For investing in a 100% global equity portfolio.  
  • Uses a Smart-Beta strategy, aimed to generate risk-adjusted returns.
  • 2 portfolios, Equity 100 and Global 25DR


  • For investing into a Singapore focused REIT portfolio that tracks the SGX’s iEdge S-REIT Leaders index. 
  • You can also opt for additional risk-management which adds Singapore government bonds to your portfolio to diversify risk.
  • 2 portfolios, 100% REITS or REITS with bonds

Core portfolios

  • Core portfolios comprise stock, bond, and gold ETFs that aim to provide global diversification and better risk-adjusted returns.
  • 3 portfolios for each risk profile. Core Defensive, Core Balanced and Core Growth.


Fees:  Ranges from 0% – 0.46% 


Amount invested

Fees per annum

Cash smart 

Any amount


Global ARI / Equity 100

/ Reit+

Up to S$19,999


S$20,000 to S$99,999


More than S$100,000


REITs with Risk Management

Any amount

0.06% charged by the ETF

provider Nikko Asset Management 

on top the management fees

charged by Syfe

Minimum Investment Amount

  • Single sum: No Minimum
  • Monthly sum: No Minimum

Available to both retail and accredited investors

Source of investment

Cash, and SRS accepted


General Account opening


I have tried others Robo-Advisors, and I quite like Syfe. It’s simple, fast, professional, and fees are really attractive. The application and the website are good but there is room for improvements[Full review]

Kevin Kyou / Google

They may outperform for a while, but it is kinda risky to trust this with your retirement nest egg.[Full Review]

Hwee Chong Chua / Google

The onboarding was smooth and seamless, felt really quick and easy to sign up anywhere anytime!..[Full Review]

Michelle / Seedly

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