Guide to Car Sharing Options in Singapore

Multiple clients to meet, things to drop off, groceries to buy, and dinner with friends. If that’s your typical day, taking the train or taxi just isn’t going to cut it.

Car sharing may do the trick. This service allows drivers to rent cars by the hour from convenient locations around the island, saving you the cost and hassle of buying and maintaining a car.

There are many car sharing companies in Singapore today — whose wheel should you get behind?

Choosing the right car sharing company: 5 questions to ask

1.   Are you a new driver?

If you just got your license, you are considered a high-risk driver. Some companies require a minimum period of driving experience, minimum age, and a clean record with no road violations.

2.   What kind of vehicle are you looking for?

If you’re heading to Malaysia with family or picking up friends from the airport, you’ll want a large and comfortable MPV. If you’re running errands alone, a small hatchback will make it easier to get around town.

After selecting your vehicle, check beforehand if it is available and whether a surcharge is included on the day you plan to rent. Car sharing rates also vary based on the vehicle type.

3.   How long do you need the car for?

If you’re only running a few errands, we recommend you rent on a time basis. Companies charge either by the hour or in 15-minute blocks.

But if you need to drive frequently, a membership plan will cost less in the long-run.

4.   Who pays for ERP, parking, and petrol?

Users have to foot ERP and parking fees even though they don’t own the car.

As for petrol, each company has their own policies. For example, WhizzCar and GetGo bear the petrol cost, while CarLite and Tribecar require users to pay for their own petrol and impose a surcharge on some vehicle models if the tank isn’t full.

5.   Is it convenient to pick up the car?

Some companies require you to return the car to its original parking spot. Others allow you to park at any of their stations across Singapore, but be sure to first check how many stations they have and where these are located.

Comparing car sharing companies in Singapore

We’ll compare five popular car sharing companies in Singapore: Car Club, CarLite, Tribecar, BlueSg, and GetGo.

1.   Car Club

Launched in 1997, Car Club is Singapore’s first car sharing company. It has a fleet of 230 vehicles and 110 stations located at HDB estates and MRT stations.

Car Club offers three types of packages, and a corporate plan:

  • Basic Plan
  • Value Plan
  • Lady’s Plan (for female drivers only)

The Basic Plan doesn’t require users to make a monthly S$50 credit top-up but comes with higher rates.

The Value Plan requires users to make a monthly S$50 credit top-up, but comes with lower rates.

The Lady’s Plan has no monthly credit top-up requirement and comes with the same rates as the Value Plan.

Fees are calculated based on the hours booked and total mileage.

Here’s a comparison if you rent a car for 24 hours on a weekday:

Basic plan: S$80 to S$104. No free mileage.

Value plan: S$65 to S$92. First free 60km free.

Lady’s plan: S$65 to S$92. First free 60km free.

All plans require a S$100 refundable deposit for Singaporean citizens and S$200 for foreigners. Car Club requires all drivers to be 22 years old and above with at least two years of driving experience.

2.   Car Lite

Car Lite allows users to rent from a variety of cars for as short as 15 minutes, and up to a week. The company has 80 stations around Singapore. Cars are grouped into five tiers based on their models — higher-tier cars have higher rates.

No membership is required, but users have to put down a S$100 refundable deposit. Rates start from S$0.60 per 15 minutes, for use on weekdays from 12am – 5pm.

Car Lite requires users to return their cars on time, and with at least one-quarter of petrol filled. There is a S$10 charge for every 15 minutes past the return time, and a S$10 to S$25 surcharge if you return the car with less than a quarter of the tank filled.

Drivers below 22 years old with less than two years of driving experience need to fork out a S$200 refundable deposit, and may have limited access to certain models.

3.   Tribecar

Tribecar operates a fleet of over 800 vehicles, including motorcycles and vans. Rates are charged on an hourly basis, with a minimum one hour usage charge. Daily and weekly rates are also available, and users can rent Tribecar for private hire driver jobs.

Tribecar has no membership fees. Hourly rates vary widely from S$0.54 to S$11.77 depending on the vehicle and time of rental. A S$100 refundable deposit is required.

The company requires users to return the vehicle to its original location with at least one-quarter of petrol filled, otherwise there is a S$20 surcharge.

New drivers under the age of 23 who have less than two years of driving experience will be subject to higher rental and deposit rates, as well as a limited selection of vehicles.

4.   BlueSG

BlueSG may appeal most to environmentally-conscious drivers. The company has a fleet of 1,000 electric cars and over 380 parking spots across Singapore.

BlueSG operates on a membership model. A basic membership costs S$8 a month, while a premium membership costs S$18 a month.

The Premium membership offers access to exclusive BlueSG cars and free 45-minute rentals every month in exchange for a six-month commitment period. Both memberships charge S$0.36 per minute of use.

Using BlueSG comes with a bonus — there is no need to fill any petrol as the cars run on electricity.

Drivers must be over 20 years old with at least one year’s driving experience.

5.   GetGo

GetGo’s selling point is that it makes it simple for drivers. The company, which has a fleet of 800 cars and 700 stations across Singapore, has no membership fee, and does not require a deposit nor users to pay for petrol.

Drivers only need to pay for mileage and time they used the car for, which go by the hour. Mileage rates are set at S$0.35 per kilometre.

GetGo offers three categories of hourly pricing tiers, ranging from off-peak to peak hours.

Economy:S$3 – S$7 per hour

Standard: S$3 – S$9 per hour

Premium: S$6 – S$13 per hour

Users are automatically verified as GetGo integrates information for the user’s MyInfo account.

Drivers have to be 19 years old and above with at least one year’s driving experience. If you don’t have driving experience, you have to be 25 years old or older but insurance excess applies for new drivers.

Car sharing companyUnique Selling PointMembershipCriteria
Car ClubOldest car sharing company in SingaporeBasic Plan:
No membershipValue Plan: Users have to make a S$50 credit top-up every monthLady’s Plan:
No membership
Minimum 22 years old, two years’ driving experience
Car LiteRent for as short as 15 minutesNo membershipDrivers below 22 years old with less than two years of driving experience subject to additional requirements
TribecarDiverse range of vehiclesNo membershipDrivers below 23 years old with less than two years of driving experience subject to additional requirements
BlueSGOnly electric car sharing service in SingaporeBasic:
Minimum 20 years old, one year’s driving experience
GetGoSimple, fuss-free rates and registrationNo membershipMinimum 19 years old, one year’s driving experience. Drivers 25 years old or older without driving experience.

Remember to do your due diligence and make the right calculations before choosing the company to rent from. From penalty fees to petrol surcharges, a little research goes a long way to ensure a smooth ride.

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