7 unmistakable signs it’s time for a mid-career change

The weekends always seem to zoom by and the chime of your iPhone alarm going off the next morning fills you with renewed loathing. You’ve lost the thrill of anticipating the jam-packed work day ahead and start to wonder why. Well, it’s possible that you’re no longer getting a kick out of your current job. And that’s okay.

People make career changes all the time and at all ages. Some common reasons include health concerns, change in passions or loss of professional stimulation.

Whatever the case, making the switch, especially later in your career can be unsettling. But with careful consideration and a little courage, it could become one of the best life decisions you ever make. If you’re still unsure of where you stand, here are some glaring signs that you should consider swapping out the old trade for a new one:

1. Your job is costing you your physical health

Regardless if you’re bound to a desk or out and about 24/7, the bottom line is that no job should put your well-being at risk.

If you’re constantly missing meals due to back-to-back meetings or finding yourself running on two hours of sleep, loads of caffeine and adrenaline alone, then your job might literally be sucking the life out of you.

One solution is to speak with your manager and negotiate a better work-life balance. But if this everyday reality is just the nature of your present industry, try contemplating if this is really the correct fit for you and your body in the long run.

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2. You’re mentally drained

Likewise, it might be time to quit if your job is changing your personality, mindset and inner thoughts for the worse. For one, feeling perpetually overwhelmed or stressed can make one extremely irritable which could in turn affect interactions with others and cause strains in personal relationships.

Sometimes, people also experience work anxiety due to reasons such as high personal expectations, drop in performance, complaints, fear of public speaking and more.

If you’re faced with work situations that are taking an alarming toll on your mental health, try evaluating the extent of distress you feel and seek appropriate help if necessary. Ideally, your job should uplift you, not be the root of your nightmares.

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3. Toxic work environment

Not everything in the corporate world is smooth sailing. Chances are you’re going to bump heads with coworkers or clients at least once in your stint at the company. After all, constructive criticism built on mutual respect does wonders for productivity and innovation.

But if you have colleagues who unreasonably put you or your ideas down or managers who constantly dismiss your efforts, you might be facing an unhealthy work environment.

Toxic work environments breed negativity which not only hinders growth and productivity in the workplace, but also can cause burn-out, isolation, self-esteem issues and stunted professional progress.

So, if you’re dealing with such environmental factors that are out of your control, finding somewhere else (company, industry or even profession) may be your last resort.

4. No room for growth

Feeling like you’re running in place or losing sight of your goals? It’s possible that your current company has not been offering you ample space for advancement.

Staying too long at a company with the same responsibilities as when you first started could be a sign that you’re not being stretched and molded to your highest potential.

Always being passed over for a promotion despite excellent performance records is also a telltale sign that it’s time for a change in business scenery.

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5. You’re bored and unmotivated

Another surefire sign that it’s time for a career switch is that you’ve lost passion for your current job. The intellectual stimulation is long-gone and that fire within you when you were a wide-eyed intern is now burning dangerously low.

Don’t be too hard on yourself if this happens because it probably means that you’ve cultivated new professional interests. You may now be ready to make your hobby into a full-time job. In this case, consider following your heart because more often than not, you’ll end up where you’re meant to be in the corporate universe.

6. You’re passions lie elsewhere

As you’re working and growing as an individual, it’s natural to develop fresh interests, side hustles and newfound strengths. These factors could alter your professional outlook and warrant a permanent career switch.

For example, after being an enthusiastic brand strategist for a few years, you might have uncovered a deeper affection for the research portion of your role where you get to converse with diverse groups of audiences. You love talking to people and solving real problems, and this could push you towards a career in a totally unrelated field like social work. Follow your newfound passions and you are sure to find a job you love.

7. Going to work feels like a chore

The last indisputable indication that it’s time for some soul-searching and career changing would be that you simply dread stepping into the office. You know it’s time for fresh beginnings when you catch yourself daydreaming of another life, feeling jealous of your peers’ jobs or even scrolling through listings on LinkedIn.


People gradually morph into who they’re meant to be as they learn and experience new things. These events could change your perspective on life and consequently your career goals and priorities.

Aside from understanding yourself intricately and mulling over your prospects, being financially secure is another essential facet for a worry and regret-free career transition. Hence, start making thoughtful financial decisions such as making investments and saving – your future self will thank you.

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