• Investment Value” refers to the total sum of all your investments, across synced and manually added trades.
  • You may add new investment trades by syncing your provider’s accounts or by adding a trade manually. 
  • To sync an account refer to the guide here
  • To add an investment trade manually, tap on the “+” button on the navigation bar, click on “Trade” and input the details. 
  • Your synced investments are automatically filtered into four main categories: “Equity”, “Fixed Income”, “Multi Asset” and “Others”.
  • You can remove your investment connection by tapping on the settings button on the Investment Account screen. When you remove a connection, you will no longer see all investments under this insurer. You can delete any trades that you added manually this way, too. 
  1. Go to “Track” on navigation bar
  2. Click on “Investment Account” screen screen
  3. Tap the “Settings” button on the top right
  4. Hit the “Delete” button just above the connection
  5. Tap “Done“. Please note that this deletes all information and trade records from that investment.
  1. Tap on “+” on navigation bar
  2. Tap “trade”
  3. Input details of your investments individually
  • Investment products that do not fall into any clear categories will be placed under “Others” automatically.

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