• The “total annual” value on the insurance overview screen refers to the total insurance premiums payable in that year.
  • Premium” refers to the total premiums payable for that month. You may click on the individual months to see the future premiums payable over the next 11 months. You can scroll back to see the premiums paid in the last 12 months as well.
  • We add all premiums to the total sum payable, across synced and manual policies, insuring yourself or others. The values are converted to the currency based on the location you’ve set in the app.
  • Premiums paid are shown on the insurance overview screen. This includes premiums paid via CPF.
  • You can remove an insurance connection by tapping on the settings button on the Insurance Account screen, and selecting one to remove. When you remove a connection, you will no longer see policies under this insurer.
  • Synced insurance policies are automatically categorised into: Medical, Savings, Life, Term, Motor, Travel, Home and Other. For manually added policies, we’ve streamlined the categories, removing Term and Savings.
  1. Go to “Track” on navigation bar
  2. Click on “Insurance Account” screen screen
  3. Tap the “Settings” button on the top right
  4. Hit the “Delete” button just above the connection
  5. Tap “Done“. Please note that this deletes all information and policies records from that investment.
  1. Tap on “+” on navigation bar
  2. Tap “policy”
  3. Input details of your policies individually
  • Currently for synced policies, we are unable to identify if the life assured refers to yourself or not. The app assumes all synced policies cover you. Hence we will add all synced policies into your overall aggregate sum insured.
    • You can get around by by choosing “Others” under manually synced policies, so that we don’t add the the person insured to the aggregate total on the insurance overview screen.
  • HSBC Insurance Singapore does not provide information on the mode of payment, hence you will not see the information in the Planner Bee app.
  • Lapsed or expired policies will not be shown on the app.

Other functions in the app