• Income” refers to all the positive transactions received in that month, including previously synced and manually added items.
  • Expenses” reflects the total of all the negative outgoing transactions recorded in the month, across previously synced and manually added items.

Please note that banks syncing function has been deactivated on the app from 1st April 2024.

  • On the Banks tab, the sum in the pie chart shows your total expenses. Income isn’t reflected on the chart.
  • You may view up to 24 months of transactions on the Banks Overview screen. To view your older transactions, you can click on the individual Bank Accounts.
  • Total Bank Balance” is all your monies across savings, current, and checking accounts.
  • Total Loan Balance” is the sum of all your outstanding loans, such as mortgage, personal loans and unpaid credit card balances.
  1. Tap on the individual bank transaction
  2. Tap “select category
  3. Select the new category you want to change it to

You may to exclude some transactions into the overall calculations. You can exlcude them by clicking on the particular transaction, and toggle the ignore switch. Watch this video below for the steps.

If you wish to ignore all transactions in a particular bank account, refer to the next section.

You may have multiple bank accounts in a particular bank. And you may not want to consider these account when you track and plan your finances. 

You can ignore the data from a bank account entirely via these steps.

  1. Go to the “Bank account” screen
  2. Click on settings button
  3. Untick the green tick on the account
  4. Click on settings button to save

You can easily unignore the account by following the same steps too.

If it helps, we recorded it in this video below.

  1. Tap on “+” button navigation bar 
  2. Tap on “Transaction”, default mode will be on expenses, click on that to change to income 
  3. Choose catagory of transaction and input value 
  4. Save and you will see the transaction included on Bank account and overview screens. You can find all manual expenses in the Cash account.
  5. Transaction will also be added to overall income and expenses.

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